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Are Essential Oils Child Friendly?

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A question we get from a lot of our essential oil users is, are they okay to be used by children?

The answer is simple: Yes (but with a few exceptions). In general, essential oils can be used by everyone, regardless of age, but you have to be aware of the amount of essential oils you are using, and how you are applying it. Also, some essential oils are more potent than others and can be irritating to the skin if applied directly.

Dosage: Depending on how much oil you are using will determine if an essential oil is okay to use on sensitive skin or not. Children will require less essential oil, so start off with only a few drops, whether you're using it externally or internally and find out if the results are satisfactory. 

Remember: When in doubt, dilute with V-6 Mixing Oil.

Purity: While some essential oils wil be "watered-down" version, Young Living essential oils are therapeutic-grade and are 100% pure. So, considering that there is no other additives, you must be aware that certain oils can be very potent. 

Here is a list of oils that you should consider diluting with coconut oil, if you wish to use them on individuals with sensitive skin, the elderly, or children:






Patch Test: If you haven't used a certain essential oil yet, you will want to do a patch test to determine if the skin will have sensitivity toward that particular oil.  

Using Essential Oils on Kids' Feet: One technique that many people use, is applying essential oils directly on feet. Whether it's Lavender Essential Oil, to help your child relax, or Breathe Again Roll-On applied directly to your child's feet will soak up the healing properties of the essential oils directly into their system.

Be Aware of Phototoxicity: Certain citrus oils can intensify the sun's rays. If you spray, or rub essential oils on your skin, or on your kid's skin, be aware of sun exposure!