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Know What Works for Your Body

Mary Young, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Young Living, recently provided us with some really good guidance on choosing essential oils. She shared that an individual asked her for a recommendation or solution in treating a medical problem. 

She told them, "Firstly, I'm not a doctor. And secondly, I don't have your body, so I don't know what works for your body.” This helped us realize that the majority is looking for a prescription or recommendation to help them identify the one oil or blend that will solve a "problem," when we really should be doing our homework and trying different oils and monitoring our own results.

Mary Young,
Young Living CEO
Getting Started:

Short of going to a trained aromatherapist or a holistic doctor, the best way to select your oils is to do your own research. If you don’t, you will likely spend a lot more time and money than you have to. 

Next, think about areas in your life where you want to create or expand wellness and abundance; this can range from a health-conscious or wellness lifestyle that avoids chemical additives to enhancing your spiritual cognizance. Choose an oil or a collection which has ingredients to support your goals and get started reinforcing these with the use of natural products.

The main areas of focus are:

      •   Maintaining Physical Well-Being
      •   Maintaining Mental/Emotional Well-Being
      •   Maintaining Spiritual Well-Being
      •   Other Needs

When trying oils, we recommend taking the AMD approach: 

1. Aromatic: First, try using the oil aromatically in a diffuser, taking note of how it affects you personally, makes your environment feel, and if you see a noticeable change in the area you are focusing on.

2. Mix: Try diluting the essential oil with a carrier oil and applying it topically. Note how it makes you feel.

3. Direct: Apply the oil directly to your area of focus (Caution! Some oils can cause skin sensitivity. Read warning labels and directions on all oils). Also, some oils are appropriate for ingestion and can be taken with food or directly in a vegetable capsule. Read directions and usage.

We have created the following reference tables for Young Living’s collections and our favorite 20 top single oils and blends to help you find the best essential oils for you in your area of focus.

Essential Oil Collections Reference Table: [e]

Young Living’s Collection Name Maintaining
Physical Well-Being  
Mental / Well-Being
Spiritual Well-Being
Special Collections
The Everyday Oils Essential Collection x x x
Raindrop Collection x x x
7 Oil Collection Inspired by Oola x x x
Freedom, Sleep, and Release Collections Bundle x x
Golden Touch x
Endoshield x
Slique Assist  x
Feelings Kit x
Reconnect Collection x
Twelve Oils of Ancient Scriptures x
Essence of the Season x
Animal Scents Oil Collection x
Kidscents Oil Collection x

The Most Popular Single Oil and Blends Reference Table: [f]

This table consists of the top 20 Young LivingTM oils and blends that we think should be in every household. Check out this article for more information. [g]

Young Living’sTMEssential Oil or Blend Uplifting or Energizing Soothing and Relaxing Immune Support Promotes Mental Focus, Supports Nervous System Daily Skincare Regimen Healthy Digestion System Support Respiratory System support Cooking
En-R-Gee© x x
Brain Power© x x
PanAway®* x x
Stress Away™* x
Peace and Calming® or Peace and Calming II® x x
Dream Catcher© x
Peppermint* x x x x
Lavender* x x x x
Lemon* x x x x
Lemongrass x x x x x
Frankincense* x x
Melaleuca Alternifolia* x x
Ylang Ylang x x
Thieves® x x x x
Thyme** x x x
Basil** x x x
Oregano** x x x
Joy™*† x x
Valor®**†, or try Valor® II x
Transformation™ x

*Indicates the oil is in the Everyday Oils Essential Collection

**Indicates that the oil is in the Raindrop Collection

†Indicates that the oil is in the Freedom, Sleep, and Release Collections Bundle