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If you are tired of your job, of your long hours, or if you just need to find a way to make extra money, you may be already looking for something to supplement or replace your income. You may have heard of other companies using multi-level marketing, including both good and bad stories, and it is hard to keep up with all of them. 

But Young Living™ is a company that stands out from the crowd and has record-breaking growth. They stand behind the quality of their product, strictly adhere to FDA and FTC guidelines, and endeavor to create success for every distributor from the bottom up.

But what are the main reasons for joining Young Living?

1. Make your own schedule

Modern-day managers don’t care about your schedule, or your life. In fact, they’d like to pretend you only live for one thing: your job.

As a Young Living Independent Distributor, You don’t have to choose between a career and your personal life. Work when you need to with a flexible schedule that offers a healthy work-life balance.

“I can take a day off without having to worry about vacation time... I can work super hard one week to maximize my earnings, or I can ease off the pedal when my family life requires it,” said Dusty Triplett, a Young LivingTM Gold Member.

So, not only can you enjoy the flexibility in your work schedule, but you can also be in charge of your income potential.

2. Control your income potential

Have you ever worked at a job that no matter how many hours you put it, or how much of a difference you made, the paycheck was essentially the same?

With the tools created by Young LivingTM and with their generous compensation plans, you can control your income potential based on how much time and effort you put into it. 

According to independent distributor, Lisa Warr, “I no longer am living paycheck to paycheck, simply because I’m part of the Young Living family.”

But the extra income potential doesn’t stop at what you sell on a monthly basis. Once you begin to be successful, you can earn more money and leadership bonuses by helping others become profitable distributors.

3. Every effort is an investment

Most jobs give you money for time spent in your chair, but your investment in the company never pays off down the road.

Not only does the Young LivingTM company culture promote synergy and team-work, their bonus structure is designed to promote continual sponsor support and company-wide success.

“Once I established a downline of people Independent Distributors, the effort returns ten fold,”said Brent Hardy, another successful independent distributor. He found success with the company's Rising Star Team Bonus structure, which gives him a secondary source of income that he can rely on.

After you get started and begin to expand your marketing network, you too can help other people join and become successful-- while increasing your own bonus potential in the process.

4. Be a part of something that matters

Ever worked at a job that felt morally deprived, where you ask yourself, “why am I supporting this company?”

Young Living utilizes the purity of nature while being environmentally responsible, believes in quality and integrity, and promotes a proactive wellness lifestyle for everyone. They are leading the way in creating innovative products using the purest ingredients and latest scientific research.

If you are already a fan of proactive wellness programs and aromatherapy, then you will probably become a big fan of the distributor’s discount. As a distributor, you automatically qualify for a 24% wholesale discount on Young Living’s products. There are also additional sales and promotions every month that will help you and your business quickly accelerate your savings and profits.

5. You can start today

Becoming a Young Living's Independent Distributor doesn't mean quitting your current job and throwing all your eggs in one basket. You can commit more time later, when the business grows.

Have you ever put something off, then looked back in a few months and thought, "I should've started that when I first thought about it"? The best time to start is today, because the sooner you join, the better.

So what is most important to you? Flexibility? Pay? Income stability and growth? Young Living can help you with all of these and more. Young Living’s quality products, high integrity, and sense of community creates a positive atmosphere that is unlike no other company on the market. People are joining Young LivingTM at a record-breaking rate, because they have heard numerous success stories-- just like the distributors mentioned above. Contact us about how to become a profitable distributor, and start writing your own success story today.

Becoming a member is easy!