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Thieves® Essential Oil is one of the most popular botanical formulas to date, and it owes its existence to the medieval story of the four thieves. Using traditional ingredients like rosemary, clove, lemon, cinnamon and eucalyptus oil, Young Living TM has created their own potent version of this legendary tonic. 

It has been specially formulated to provide support for the immune system, and to purify your home and body-- but it can also provide many other life-changing benefits.

Try these Common Uses:

1.  Soothe your throat and support respiratory health

    • Thieves® contains components that support respiratory health1 Thieves® oil or lozenges for on-the-go support, or use Thieves oil in a diffuser for a great respiratory-supporting inhalant.

2.  Keep on smiling

    • Keep your teeth healthy and clean with Thieves® toothpaste and mouthwash. The long-lasting taste and breath-freshening power of these products will keep your smile happy all day long.

3.  Clean your home

    • Young Living has a very useful chart for the dilutions for the Thieves® Household cleaner which makes it convenient and easy to use on many different surfaces.*

4.  Massage therapy for athletes

    • Dilute Thieves® with V-6 oil or equivalent and then apply to the skin for a muscle-relaxing sports massage that will have both a cooling and warming sensation for soothing relief.2

5.  Use Thieves for its mood-boosting qualities, immune and respiratory support, nausea alleviation, 3and focus assistance.4

    • Add a dash of Thieves to your favorite beverage or food for a boost of flavor with supplemental benefits. Use a diffuser to create a therapeutic inhalant and to cleanse air-borne odors and irritants.

Try these Surprising Uses:

6.  Clean your pets, banish pet odors, and keep away bugs**

    • Because of its hygienic, aromatic, and insect-repellant properties,5 Thieves® makes an excellent cleaner and deodorizer for pets and their areas. Say goodbye to wet-dog smell and deter those unwanted visitors that hitchhike on your pet’s fur.

7.  Get fresh breath that will make an impression

    • A notable Chinese leader in the third century BCE required people to chew cloves before addressing him, but you can enjoy the same “address-worthy” breath with the much more pleasant clove-infused blend of Thieves® oil or lozenges.6

8.  Maintain healthy blood sugar levels and metabolism

    • Because cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus help maintain healthy levels of blood sugar, it can help keep your hunger levels in check so you don’t give into those fattening or high-sugar cravings.7 8 Studies also show that cinnamon is also thought to help support a healthy metabolism.9 Use this as a supplement in a beverage or with food before or between meals, not to exceed recommended daily limits.

9.  Help maintain healthy blood cholesterol ratio, which is beneficial to heart health

    • Studies suggest that certain components of the Thieves mixture can help maintain a healthy LDL and HDL ratio in certain cases.10 11 12 This can be taken internally as a supplement with food, drink, or added to a capsule to help proactively support a healthy cholesterol ratio.

10.  Prevent rust in your tool box

    • The Thieves formula contains components like rosemary, which have a high concentration of camphor. Camphor fumes can protect metal by creating a protective coating that prevents corrosion. 13

Note: Only small amounts of the concentrated essential oil should be used in food to avoid exceeding recommended supplemental serving size.

Note: Animals digest things differently than humans, therefore you may not want to use supplemental dilutions of Thieves ® on pets.

* For high-quality, proven products that utilize the Thieves formula check out Thieves® Household Cleaner,Thieves® Wipes, or Thieves® Spray.

**We also have other natural cleaners and oils that are perfect for pets and they are all natural and effective.

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